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Dear Guys, I have been a long time off.
My health wasn't too good and I have done merely no art last year except two sculptures. Now I am back, so far I can look forward to it.

Hope you have been well!
I wish you all a happy new Year!

My husband is employed now, so yay for that. I am still unemployed and have a lot of time to fill. Maybe I do it with art, though. Lets see, what inspires me. :-)

Dear friends, stay healthy or get well and all good wishes to you!!!
It is autumn again, clay time again. Rainy cold days are best for sitting inside and sculpture things. What I would love to sculpture would be a male head. The problem - our very beautiful stock artists do beautiful shots, but always from not usuable angulars. Yes I know, looking straight into the camera is not artistic and not fancy, but it would be lovely to have for a buste, cause I need at least two angulars. One direktly straight into the camera and one in 90 degree away from it, so I can get the relations of forehead to nosetip, nosetip to mouth, mouth to chintip and angular of the neck compared to shoulder and back.

If there is someone of the stock males, who can give me that, I would love to sculpture him!!!

Time for one more bust. I am screening the Models of DA for the right face. The problems always are - to young, much make up, never looking frontal or never in direct profile, doesn't show their chin joint or ears or the neck, looking sad or just bored (and with that are boring).
A lot  of interesting young female models on DA loves Gothic, but I want the bust to decorate my house. I did four busts already, the first was just a trial, the second goes to my mom for birthday, third and fourth are standing in our living room. And there is space for another one.

So I am looking for such who is not up for Gothic, has some extraordinary expression in the face, a nice profile and hopefully a little smile or at least does not look sad or troubled. And hey, its kind of difficult actually! Please you wonderful portrait models and stock artists, have a heart for sculpturer and do sometimes three easy shoots, just one frontal, one right and left side with bare neck and hair up to get the neck and the ears and the chin right. I really do not want them professional or fancy or something with big emotions. Just three photos in this manner and there is a chance to get your face right in 3 dimensions.

Thank you!!!

:hug: :heart:
Yes I am. The 4th bust in this size and it turns out really lovely in my opinion. Okay, I always find a little flaw here or there on my work, but she is so beautiful as a little elve or ferry. Reine-Haru in clay it is. Yes, she is finished. :boogie:
Happy new year to all of you! Yep, no photoshoping (Gimping) in moment, since my husband and I bought some clay again and work some sculptures. I think we are doing quite well for autodidacts, but today I found somebody on DeviantArt who is mastering sculpturing. I fear I never will be that good. LOL

The year starts pretty well - much better than the last one. So let us hope it keeps this way the main time. ;)

Hope you guys are fine!

:hug: :cuddle: :glomp:
Sounds pretty weird I guess to create a theme like this shortly before Christmas. Well, in moment I am feeling kind of understanding the wrath of God in the last days, since I am very upset about some things.
Thank you for the positive critiques to my 2nd detail. I hope you will enjoy the whole work also. It is still in progress, you need to be patient with me.

Thank you!
Hey guys,
If someone needs to have a glimp how Apokalypse may looks like, should look at Japan.
While I am writing, one reactor has fallen dry and of two the outer shell exploded whyle all around the Tsunamy leaves just debris and death. Every now and then after shocks of the earth quake rumbling and in the south a vulkano breaks out again.
Is there anything we can do for the Japanese? We watch the apokalypse of Japan, we are horrified but also faszinated, but doing? We can pray, or at least we could, if we believe in God. But even when we believe - at least to speak of myself, I am lost of words and I can't even do that, actually. I wished I could get out of the faszination of death and think about the people who still live and need help.

I felt to do some art, to express what I feel, but it is to small, much to small to express it really.
But however and whatever will happen next, LETS PRAY for this poor people!

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Dear friends,

The Hans Memling Project is online with all credits and everything. It was huge and so it took me since June to do it. I really hope you will enjoy it.
In the end, I did 3/4 of rough work with, but the fine details and special effects with Gimp 2.6.10 which I just got yesterday. I guess I will stick now to The Gimp, since it is running now on my laptop fine eventually after beeing quite a mess in the earlier versions.

I am getting used to it already, even my new little Avatar drove me mad. LOL

Any Idea what I could do next week? I have one week off from work now and could use a good inspiration. :giggle:

:heart: Love, light and laughter to you!

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It's done! The Memling Project is uploaded now. You see, it's huge, I need a bit time for crediting everybody, unfortunately I have an important date right now, so I will continue with credits after my return.

Have fun!
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You may wonder what I am doing right now, why I am not uploading stuff. I am puzzling on a huge project. If you know the "Judgement day" of Hans Memling, you know how complex this project is. I am very near to finish it. If I do, I will upload not just the whole thing but also details, cause I have a new computer which allows me to work eventually with high quality stocks. I did already 4/5 of it, so I am uploading very soon. Keep in touch, I think its worthy!

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Dear Friends,

it is summer time, humid and warm, as usual in north Germany. My love Andi (his picture is on my webcam photo) and I am flying tomorrow evening to Dublin for a short holliday. We are still deep in love and this will be our first holliday with each other. I will take my camera with me and shoot some photos, maybe I load them up if they are in a good quality. I hope you all are in a good spirit!

My prayers go to South Africa. The new terrible things there have reached the news in Germany. Please my south african friends, be careful and keep in touch. It is very disturbing what we have heared and I like to know that you guys are well!

:heart: and :hug:
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Four cards of the Cup serial are still missing, but I am not in the mood of them in moment. I am in the bloody mood of the swords, and since my mood goes up and down quite a bit lately, I start today with the 9 of swords.

Why the nine? I am freaking, thats why. Why I am freaking? Because someone who is very special to me was supposed to contact me yesterday. Well, shit happens, so I waited. Nothing of him this morning either, so I called him. Telephone engaged, I left a message on the mailbox - still nothing from him by now. So yes, I have no clue what that is about, but I start to think of the worst situations which could have happen to him, starting from that he got attacked and pulled down the phone from the table to just a broken telefone connection. I don't know, thats why I am swapping back and forth with my fears. Unfortunately he is not just around the corner but 11 hours flight time and I can't just check on him to see if he is okay. It drives me crazy, let me tell you and thats why nine of swords will be today the perfect card to make, no kidding!

And of course - on other days when you don't need it, you have the whole day somebody in the line for talking. But on days like today no one is available, everybody busy and off and knows the hell where and you get stuck with your fears allone in your loft and can't do anything to clear up the situation.

But one thing for sure, if I don't hear from him by nightfall, I am going to call his sister, since she has his cell phone number - something I don't have (not to mention that I can't afford to call him on that from here).
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My dear Friends,

Happy pentecost (Pfingsten)!

8 of cups is up on Vinyariel-Tarot! I am probably going to do the court card first and post them on this account, because 9 and 10 are happy ending cards and I am not ready for them yet. You will know when my happy ending feeling comes to me, since I will do them right then!

I am going to keep all Tarot cards with comments in my main account but will have a copy of them in my Vinyariel-Tarot account as well, so that I am not loosing your wonderful ideas and critics.

Since I messed a bit around in my gallery the idea grew to open up a Tarot Gallery for my Deck Project. You will find it here:…

Its easier to collect the 78 cards of the deck together and not mixed inbetween my other pictures. Of course, I copy all credits overthere as well and the pictures which are still here, remain here until I am finished overthere with the whole deck.

Its quite a lot work, but I have quite a lot time in moment and I will keep going slowly piece by piece.

:hug: :cuddle:
I have started with the Tarot Deck. Thank you to all who offered help and donations for this serial. I got permission to use the beautiful cups of Willofthewisp . Thank you for this lovely piece of art!!!

For the Psyche Part of my Cup serial I will take Elandria
, I am eager to use her beautiful stock and it will suit very well for the story of Psyche and Eros. Lockstock will become the part of Aphrodite, who got jealous at Psyche and send out her son Eros (my favourite Justmeina) to murder Psyche. The funny part is, Eros falls in love to Psyche instead and rescues her, but Aphrodite curses Psyche, Eros takes leave and so she has to fullfil  impossible quests to get back her Eros... No, I don't tell now if she will succeed. You will see when I tell the story. ggg Thank you guys for your amazing beautiful stocks!!!

:hug: :cuddle:
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My dear friends, I am eventually back! YAY!
I got yesterday my internet, behaved myself a bit silly and couldn't get online till this morning but now I am back again. I have to work through 200 comments and more than 1000 deviants in my watch and it will take a bit of time to get through everything, so please be patient with me. :)

I made three new deviants this week and will put them up today (need to write the stock references down again first - oh yes, that's work somebody should not do days after finishing the work but I admit I was lazy and now I get punished for that ;)).

But first I will cook some lunch, I am quite starving.
Its wonderful to be back with you!

:hug: :cuddle:
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Hey ho, lets go, I got today a call by a friend of mine. She is saggitarrius but even I don't know her birthtime, I would bet a hell of a lot she has her ascendent in aquarius. :rofl:
Well, she is quite a bit of a weirdy and very nice, emotionally a bit superficial maybe but has a good heart and when I saw the zebra and je jockey at stock.xchn I couldn't help to add them to the photomanip I had already begun before she called me. :lmao:

Stefano, you were wondering what it would be for Aquarius, now you know. ;)

Dammit, I am as nervous as a virgin before her first date. Yup, tomorrow is the big day, thank you all for crossing the fingers for me!!! I need to calm down, get the route out of google earth and put my paperwork into my purse. I wished it would be already behind me!!! grrr I never was so anxious in front of a job interview, this is so rediculous! I know what I am worth and what's my skills and interests are, but after the last two years its a feeling as if I would be the looser par exellance! Dammit!

I tell you what happened when I am back, tomorrow.
:hug: :cuddle:
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My dear friends, yupp it happened to me. I have no credit card anymore since I am unemployed and now my subscription has expired. Well, not soooooo big the difference actually, or at least I haven't realised one. But of course, I wount be able to print any stuff - not that I was printing much while I was subscribed. lol

Well, cross the fingers for tuesday, maybe I will get a creditcard soon again. ;)


:hug: :cuddle:

Zodiac Serial

Wed Oct 18, 2006, 8:29 AM
The Zodiac serial is on its way now. Pisces, Scorpio, Leo and Aries are done, the stocks for Capricorn, Cancer, Gemini and mostly all for Aquarius  are downloaded. I am glad it is going quite fluent in moment and I hope I keep up with it, since I realize that it helps me to work through my emotions. I have also ideas for two or three Lord of the Rings motivs and if nothing bad happens, you will get a few more deviants this month.

How do I feel? Still not quite in peace with myself and still waiting for the interview, though, but its drawing closer now. But I don't feel the big urge to kill somebody or run away, well - at least not today. ;)

Hope you all enjoy my Art and stay with me. More is to come!

:hug: :cuddle: :hug:

Back at DA

Wed Aug 23, 2006, 4:18 AM
I start again with Deviants. Don't know what to say else, you will see how I am when you see them. Sometimes I fear to loose my mind, but well, to escape the reality wouldn't be the worse.

:hug: :cuddle: :hug:

New start

Fri Aug 18, 2006, 7:34 AM
I can't believe it, I cleaned my DA account and got everything under control again here. I wished I could do the same in my life. I got my new notebook and photoshop and maybe I start to do some pictures again. Not today, but maybe soon. Life is still exhausting. You know this feeling when you think you have a huge concrete block dangling from your limbs and one is placed exactly within your chest? I have not much energy in moment, cause I am emotional so burned out, but I keep going. I just wished I knew for what I am doing this. Well, some of you have more serious problems than me and might say I should leave my self pitty. But however, everybody feels his own pain and even its emotional, it hurts still. Thank you all for your support and good words. Yes, I am back on DA again, for whatever it is worth.

:hug: :cuddle: :hug: